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“We have used Alcor TCP in our 450 HP airshow Stearman faithfully for the past 9+ and we have never had a fouled plug in over 1,000 hrs of operation. Same results in our Cessna 180.
I’m a great believer in this product.”

Cliff Robinson, Pilot
Rolling Thunder Airshows
Madison, IN

To whom it may concern –

I just wanted to write a letter to thank you for your TCP fuel treatment product. I use it faithfully with every tank of gas in my 1965 Citabria 7ECA and have had perfect engine reliability since I started using it.

Perfect reliability wasn’t always the case though. I purchased the aircraft over 2 years ago with a high time engine – about 1400 hrs SMOH. It has the original Continental O-200 engine with ECI cylinders. After 50 hours of use, I developed some plug fowling and a sticky exhaust valve.

I spoke with ECI about the problem and they said the ECI cylinders I had were really designed for 87 octane full lead fuel and the culprit was likely the 100LL that was being used. They suggested running the engine with TCP in the fuel. After cleaning the valve guide and the plugs, I have used TCP as directed on the can with every tank.

I’ve flown the aircraft another 150 hours since then and with regular TCP use, I’ve had neither fowled plugs nor a single cylinder problem. I couldn’t be happier now with my high time engine. I’m glad ECI suggested TCP, and thank Alcor for a superb product!
Keep up the great work!


Patrick Horvath
Citabria N11053

To Rick Sonnen and Alcor Associates,

As you may recall, my name brand instrument EGT probes had given me problems for years. Numerous offers by Rick to try the Alcor probes and multiple lead failures finally convinced me to them a try.

The original probes were constructed with single strand leads which continually broke at the probe connections. All attempts to isolate these connections failed to completely remedy the problem. The Alcor probes multistrand leads, high quality shielding, connection style and superior construction are an obvious improvement to the originals. I am now confident that my continuous breakage problems are solved.

I had always indicated slightly lower than expected peak EGT temperatures. When leaning, slowly sneaking up on peak was required to prevent overshooting the original probes reaction time. To my surprise the new probes had a peak temperature that was as expected and temperature changes when adjusting mixture is now nearly instantaneous. This unexpected change greatly improves instrument usefulness.

With the help of Alcor my engine monitor now works as expected and will be more reliable. Thank you for the assistance. You and your staff gave me confidence in the high quality of your products and company support.

George Meketa
RV8, IO-360-A1A