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Top Quality Sensors for Top Quality Engine Monitors!

For over 50 years, Alcor has been a leader in the world of exhaust gas temperature (EGT), cylinder head temperature (CHT) and turbine inlet temperature (TIT) sensor development. Recommended by the most well-known original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of both digital engine monitors and aircraft, Alcor maintains a stellar reputation for its high quality probes. Alcor sensors are compatible with the vast majority of engine monitors, from the classic analog instrumentation to the most current glass panel systems. The blanket Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) held by Alcor allows for the installation of probes in any aircraft with a reciprocating engine without the complicated paperwork.

Alcor is a family-owned business founded by Al and Alice Hundere in 1957 in San Antonio, Texas. Like the star for which the company is named, Alcor became a bright light in General Aviation due to Al Hundere’s pioneering development of the EGT method of mixture control. As a result of Al’s innovation, pilots continue to have the ability to control and monitor their engine’s fuel-air ratio. In 1965, Alcor patented the key component of the EGT system, the durable thermocouple, which remains one of Alcor’s most popular products today.

Al’s son, Michael Hundere, continues the family tradition of manufacturing the highest quality products for all piston-powered aircraft.

Are you investing in a first-class aircraft with a top-of-the-line engine monitoring system? Then you and your aircraft deserve the support of Alcor sensors, built with the smallest element tips for the fastest response time using top-grade materials. All Alcor probes are proudly made in the USA and grounded probes carry a 5 year warranty, the best in the industry!